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Montreal pop star singing in New York City and loving Florida– learn all about Van Hechter!

Us: We heard you’d extended your stay in Florida because we were treating you so well here! Your song »I Believe» is getting radio airplay in Miami and since you love Floridians so much we felt like catching up one last time before your return to Canada on February 15th!

Van: Well I fell in madly in love! I always come here to write and think. I try to visit once a year. I never expected a total thunderbold/can barely breathe/heart palpitating/once in a lifetime type encounter!!! But here I am. And I just can’t not embrace it.

Us: Do you think that this new love will show up in your work?

Van: Consciously or not— of course it will. Pop songs are about what we are feeling in the moment. I’m pretty sure whatever I write next will be influenced by what I am going through now.

Us: Your album »Love Elastic» is doing well on Spotify, especially the title track and a second single »I Believe»; why do you think THIS album is getting you more fans?

Van: I always write from the heart but I think that my music partner Eryck Wyseman and I really work as a band now– although I am a solo act. We’ve come into ourselves musically, together. No one bosses anyone around; it’s truly a team effort- no ego involved. I think people hear it. We’ve also developped a sound that is unique to us- truly modern although reminiscent of the 70’s and 80’s. Then I slap on silly lyrics that are a bit deep if you really pay attention. Voilà!

Us: You are French-Georgian, what do you like about North America?? You spend your time between Montreal, New York City and visit us once a year! What’s up with that?

Van: I feel free here. I get to do what I want, I get to be totally who I am. Europe is charming, beautiful, people are more sophisticated, there’s art everywhere BUT outcasts like I are allowed to build dreams and live magical lives here…

Us: You wrote and sung the theme song for a short comedy film entitled »Poly Andrew»… It’s getting international recognition at the moment; how did that come about?

Van: I’m always up for adventure! My friend Fred Khur asked me very casually after I’d been on his talk-show; »D’you wanna give me ‘Love & Music’ — I have a movie coming out about modern love- I’d like to use your song–??»
I said yes on the spot. And WOW »Poly Andrew» is winning award after award! I am thrilled!

Us: You say that Floridians treat you so well- how do