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Caroline Derpienski in a new Rolls-Royce Cullinan car for a fortune shows how the life of a Top Miami Celebrity looks like

As we know, Miami offers many opportunities. Always perfect weather, the best restaurants, luxury shops, exotic views … They say you can’t understand Miami unless you try it. Morning matcha, yoga by the ocean in Sunny Isles, lunch at Bal Harbor Shops and of course luxury shopping, remote work on your Mac, workout with a famous personal trainer, dinner and party. This is how the routine of most of the Miami top influencers looks like.

We decided to have a blitz on one of Miami’s most recognizable and influential celebrity, model and influencer Caroline Derpienski. It is safe to say that her life looks like a Miami dream. Always perfect makeup and hairstyle adapted to the current trends in the beauty industry, fashionable expensive outfits, the best cars.

Yesterday we calculated how much her evening could have cost. The huge amounts of money spent by celebrities no longer impress us, this is Miami, so what will it be like in this case? Let’s check it out!

Caroline chose the latest and most luxurious model of the car for a night drive. It’s 2022 Rolls-Royce Cullinan worth around $650,000. The inside was matched to the color of her blue eyes. We also checked her outfit, black Bottega Veneta Bag ( $3,500), Versace shirt ($500), Gucci belt ($500). The total is around $654,500!

As we found out, thanks to her fans’ instastory and, of course, Caroline’s Instastories, the influencer had dinner at the popular Sushi restaurant in Miami Downtown Brickell.

Would you like to spend your evening like Caroline Derpienski?